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MISHA Knee System Overview

Medial knee arthritis is a challenging problem for patients who are not yet at an age or activity level suitable for joint replacement. The MISHA knee system is a recently FDA approved option with the goal of pain reduction, improvement in function, and quality of life.

Why MISHA Knee System?

The MISHA Knee System (Medial Implantable Shock Absorber) is designed to reduce forces on the inner aspect of the knee during activity. By sharing load with the damaged knee structures, MISHA can help to reduce symptoms of pain and dysfunction while preserving the native joint.

Who Should Have a MISHA Knee System?

The MISHA Knee System is utilized in active patients with symptomatic medial knee arthritis who are not yet candidates for joint replacement. Typical patients have pain and/or swelling with daily life function and cannot perform higher level activities. Most patients have tried conservative measures, including physical therapy, unloader bracing, and injection therapy, before considering surgery. MISHA patients are either unable or unwilling to undergo osteotomy type procedures and do not wish to accept inherent activity limitations of partial or total joint replacement. MISHA is a reversible option for medial arthritis that allows for accelerated rehabilitation including early range of motion and weightbearing. MISHA does not burn bridges for future realignment or replacement type procedures.

What Can I Expect From a MISHA Knee System?

Implantation of the MISHA Knee System is either performed in isolation with or without arthroscopy or as part of a combined procedure including potential meniscus/ligament surgery. MISHA is typically performed as a short overnight stay. Patients should expect a short period of crutch use (1-2 weeks) but can initiate rehabilitation including weightbearing and range of motion exercises without a brace starting early after surgery. Return to activity and sport is INDIVIDUALIZED and is based on both minimum time from surgery and, more importantly, functional progression from rehabilitation. Patients can resume high levels of activity within several months of the surgical procedure (i.e. 3-6 months)

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“I want to give a big shout out to Dr. Seth Sherman. I have my 1-year post-op appointment on October 4th (literally, my 1-year anniversary). Dr. Sherman gave me my life back by performing a very rare knee surgery on me. Without him and his knowledge and wonderful team, I would still be lacking a life without any type of activity.” – Whitney

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