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Agili-C Overview

Agili-C is an off the shelf scaffold made of ‘sea coral’ that has been recently approved by the FDA for knee cartilage restoration.

Why Agili-C?

‘Sea coral’ is a powerful magnet for our body’s own stem cells. When implanted into the knee joint, the scaffold attracts your own cells to regenerate healthy cartilage and to promote strong underlying bone. In major clinical studies across the world, Agili-C has been successfully implanted for a variety of challenging patient types including those with multiple cartilage defects, large defects, and early osteoarthritis.

Who Should Have an Agili-C Implant?

Patients who are candidates for Agili-C have symptomatic cartilage defects of their femoral condyle and/or knee trochlea. These patients may have some joint space narrowing and malalignment but are not yet candidates for joint replacement due to their relative young age or high demand. Patients have typically tried and failed conservative measures (physical therapy, bracing, injection therapy) and have painful dysfunction with daily life, reduced sporting activity, and lower quality of life.

What Can I Expect From an Agili-C Implant?

Implantation of Agili-C is performed using a mini-open approach to the knee following arthroscopic evaluation of the joint. Agili-C is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. Patients should expect a short period of protection (4-6 weeks) but can initiate rehabilitation including range of motion and gradual weightbearing starting early after surgery. Return to activity and sport is INDIVIDUALED and is based on both minimum time from surgery and, more importantly, functional progression from rehabilitation. Patients can resume high levels of activity within several months of the surgical procedure (i.e. 6 months).

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Agili-C™ Full Implantation Procedure

“I want to give a big shout out to Dr. Seth Sherman. I have my 1-year post-op appointment on October 4th (literally, my 1-year anniversary). Dr. Sherman gave me my life back by performing a very rare knee surgery on me. Without him and his knowledge and wonderful team, I would still be lacking a life without any type of activity.” – Whitney

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