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Telehealth & Online Second Opinions

Dr. Sherman offers telehealth appointments for consultations, and online second opinions for medical record and imaging reviews  to accommodate local, national, or international patients.

Stanford Online Telehealth

If you live in California and would like to go through your insurance, please call our office at 800-717-0012 or contact us online.

Stanford Second Opinion Program

Second opinions are available through the Stanford Medicine Online Second Opinion Program. The Stanford Medicine Online Second Opinion program offers you easy access to Dr. Sherman. If you have received a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment and want another opinion, this service can help you make a more informed decision.

To learn more and schedule a Stanford Medicine Online Second Opinion, click here.


Dr. Sherman has also partnered with “Best in Class MD” to offer telehealth appointments outside of your insurance coverage.

If you would like to set up a virtual second opinion or imaging review through Best In Class MD, please visit to schedule an appointment quickly. This comprehensive service offers the options of a medical record and imaging review, or telehealth visit. Both options include written recommendations outlined in an Expert Report. This service is particularly applicable to out-of-state or international individuals, or those looking to expedite an initial consultation. The BICMD care team is available to answer any questions about booking at or 800-650-5907.